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Layered Targets Get Tougher

Hear from Dillon, our VP of Sales, about how we vertically layer sheets of foam and heat weld them together to make a solid target. A look inside can help when choosing which target is right for you. Want the target he's talking about? Click here to view our Grizzly target.

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Getting the most from an archery target

After making archery targets for almost 50 years we've seen it all. Bag targets, broadhead targets, 3-D targets, foam targets, carpet targets, and hundreds of other wonky ideas. As archers who love to shoot we experience the same things as everyone else. Archery targets DO NOT last forever. So how can someone get the most life from their target? The first step is where you shoot. Shooting the center of an archery target is the place where we feel most comfortable. A little bit left or a little bit to the right and you're still likely to hit the target and not lose your arrow. But spreading your arrows around is always the best way to maximize the life of an...

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