X2 Grizzly Archery Target Product Image

Hips X2 Grizzly Archery Target  
MSRP: $169.99

The X2 Grizzly is simply the final word in arrow stopping power. Whether you’re using any one of today’s most innovative compound bows or even one of the industry’s latest crossbows, the X2 Grizzly’s High Density Endurance Foam takes shot after shot and just keeps asking for more. Large enough for long range shooting, has easy arrow removal and weighs only 9 pounds.

  • For use with field points, expandables or fixed blades
  • Six-sided shooting offers 66% MORE shooting surface than 2-sided targets and 33% MORE than 4-sided targets
  • Will stop small diameter arrow shafts
  • For bows up to 90 lbs with standard diameter shaft arrows

Size: (18” x 16” x 16”)

Back View:   target_backside

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